The largest run up of a stock price in history ($2 to $55 in two days!)

Penny stocks are small companies that have gone public and present wonderful opportunities for investors to make serious returns on their investment.

For example: I placed a trade last year on a pharmaceutical company (Symbol: AQXP)  I got in the trade around $2 per share.  Five minutes later I sell my position @ $2.50 per share.  A 25% return in only 5 minutes.  I turned $6,000 into $7,500 in just 5 minutes.

Here’s the kicker.  If I would’ve held that stock for 2 days and sold at the high $21 per share.  That changes my $6,000 investment into $63,000 in just 48 hours.  If I really paid attention on the second day, there was about 15 minutes where the market went manic and the price rose to $55 at the peak.  Please keep in mind that this was very brief and the stock came back down to reality very quickly.  This type of run up is rare, but gaining 50-300% ROI on a penny stock is pretty common.

Now the million dollar question is “How did you choose this stock? How did you even know about it”.  I am a member of a website that helps teach you how to trade via video lessons from trader Timothy Sykes and live chat rooms.  Every morning before the market opens I sign into the chat room and see what most people are talking about.  Usually there are 3-4 that come up over and over again.  Using the strategies Mr. Sykes teaches I pick the most promising stock and place my trade.

This chat room has literally made me thousands of dollars. Sykes also sends out alerts that make me healthy returns on investments as well.

If you are new to trading or if you’ve been doing it for a while, I think this website will be helpful to your trading success.

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